District Level


In order to implement the Twenty Point Programme effectively and timely, The Hon’ble Governor, Uttarakhand has pleased to sanction the constitution of District Level 20PP Committee in each district of the state vide Planning Department’s GO No.75/133-नि0अ0/2004 Dt. 21 February, 2004. The District Level Committee consists of the following.

1 - Chairperson Minister-in-charge of the district
2 - Dy. Chairman To be designated by the State Government.
3 - Member Central/State Government Ministers from the district
4 - Member Member of Parliament belonging to the district
5 - Member Members of State Legislative Assembly belonging to the district
6 - Member Jila Panchayat Chairman to the district
7 - Member District Magistrate
8 - Member All district level officers belonging to 20PP Department
9 - Member Secretary Chief Development Officer
10 - Joint Secretary District Eco. & Stat.Officer

Apart from above the State Government will nominate 19 Members, at least one each, from Women Front/Minority Cell/Scheduled Castes Cell/Backward Castes Cell/Ex. Sddiers/Members of District Panchayat and the Civil Society.

The functions/rights of the committee will be as follows:-

(1)   Planning, supervision, direction, coordination and evaluation of implementation as per the directives of the State Level Committee.

(2)   The Committee will ensure the implementation of the entire 20Point Programme in accordance with legally decided policy and time schedule.

(3)   the committee, if deems fit, can constitute the sub. committees to implement these programme.

(4)   The committee will have the right to investigate such items where it is noticed that the said items is not being implement according to rule or guidelines issued by the Government. After investigation the Committee will forward its recommendation to the competent authority, who will ensure the lawful compliance of the same.

(5)   To invite district level officers of the related departments as per the need and sack relevant departmental documents and examine them.  

(6)   To recommend legislative or administrative steps.

(7)   The committee shall meet quarterly.

(8)   The responsibility of holding quarterly meetings shall lie with the Chief Development officer of the respective district.