State Level


In order to implement the Twenty Point Programme effectively and timely, The Hon’ble Governor, Uttarakhand has pleased to sanction the constitution of State Level 20PP Committee vide Planning Department’s GO No.74/133-नि0अ0/2004 Dt. 21 February 2004. The State Level Committee consists of the following.

1 Chairperson             Hon'ble Chief Minister
2 Vice Chairman  Nominated by His Excellency, The Governor
3 Member Central/State Government Ministers from the state
4 Member Member of Parliament belonging to the state
5 Member Member of state Legislative Assembly belonging to the state
6 Member Chief Secretary/Add.Chief Secretary
7 Member Principal Secretary/Secretary concerned to 20PP Deptt. of the state
8 Member Divisional Commissioners of Uttarakhand
9 Member Social workers, eminent educationists, and youth leaders nominated by the State Government
10 Member Secretary Secretary Programme Implementation Department

2- The tenure of State Level Committee will be of 5 years and will meet quarterly.

3- The functions/rights of the committee will be as follow:-

(1)   To decide time bound schedule for implementation of 20 Point Programme, issue directions for implementations and supervisions.

(2)    Qualitative evaluation of time bound programme  implemented by Departments/Organisations

(3)   To recommend appropriate legal and administrative actions. Such recommendations will be reviewed immediately and action will be taken wherever found necessary.

(4)   Other activities as directed by the Government.