Ranking/Non-ranking Programme


For developing competitiveness in implementation of the schemes among the district, monthly monitoring in respect of 26 programmes is being done by assigning rank to each programme at the district level. As per norms of the GOI ranking is done at 4 levels i.e. ‘A’ category is awarded to the programme where achievement of Periodical targets is 100%. Similarly achievement between 80% to 99.99% is given ‘B’ and 60% to 79.99% is given ‘C’ category. Performance below 60% is given ‘D’ category. According 3,2,1 and (-)1 marks are awarded to these ‘A’,’B’,’C’ and ‘D’ categories respectively. Two programmes biz. Net deposits in the National Saving Schemes and publications of lists of works are assigned double weight and according 6,4,2 and (-)3 marks are assigned to above mentioned categories respectively. Non ranking programmes are being monitored occasionally.