Responsibilities & Verification


Role of District Level Committees (20PP)

In order to bring transparency in implementation of various schemes, committees of public representatives at State, district and block level are formed. Complaints received from public are examined and redressal measures are taken. In some cases enquiries can also be constituted from the State Level. Provision of Dy. Chairman (District Level) holding quarterly receive meeting under intimation to the Hon’ble Minister in charge of the district is also there. Verification of reported works as received from concerned departments in the DSTO’s office through district Task Force members is also conducted and cases of false/family reporting are brought to the notice of the Dy. Chairman. State Level 20PP Committee.

  1. Physical verification of schemes by district level committee:- During the verification by the District Level Committee, logistics regarding transportation etc. are provided by the department concerned to the scheme. DM can also make alternate arrangements if the concerned department has no vehicle.

  2. District/Divisional Level Task Force Committee:- For investigating the quality of works task forces at district and divisional level have been constituted vide GO.No.871/20 lw=h -5/2004-05 Dt. 6 Aug., 2004. according to which a committee comprising of 5-6 officers has to be nominated in each district and division. Each officer will visit at least 25 unit thus 125 units will be verified by the committee in a month.